Amazon Affiliate Marketer Affiliate Commission Rates Decreased

Amazon Affiliate Marketer Commission Rates Decreased

Amazon sent notification to its affiliates on April 14, 2020, which is a piece of bad news for amazon affiliate marketer. Affiliate Marketer Affiliate Commission Rates Decreased.

The changes are massive cuts to payouts for the affiliate.

Here is the text of the Amazon email notice:


The changes appear to relate to products that are currently in high demand by consumers because of the COVID-19 quarantine.

Below is a screenshot of the Amazon affiliate payouts, with fees highlighted:



Amazon Affiliates Reaction is Predictably Negative and now I will share my thought regarding these changes.

As you know Amazon Affiliate Marketer Commission Rates Decreased now. But you also should know that Amazon Affiliate’s best time was from 2013 to 2017!

In that early stage, those who built a niche site, flipping, selling courses, they made good income!

Bezos( Founder, CEO, and president of the online retail company Amazon ) had a longterm strategy behind launching the Amazon Affiliate, his purpose being to keep visitors on the site, to keep his reputation.

He created a strong position for himself by doing the “Word of Mouth”.

That’s it!

Now thousands of public abuse to Amazon, but at the end of the day buy from Amazon! Service good deck, bad deck, online shopping means Amazon now!

Competition is dependent on tech companies! Amazon will not let people buy the product through a search on Google, that is the real purpose of how to get the customer to diverge on his site!

You see, Google’s shopping term is a lot of cornerstones in this strategy!

In 2017, I become an affiliate marketer but I couldn’t support it in Amazon’s affiliate sector, I didn’t think it so much of a “stable business model“.

In a “Stable Business” you will have a product or service that has a name, it will be stubby as a brand by sticking to that name! Starting from the product’s collection, all of its pricing and calculations will be up [Narrow Control!

An entrepreneur or business practitioner does not come unless another big part of the product you sell yourself is!

So after about 5-6 months of trying at Amazon Affiliate, I came back and felt helpless! And that’s when Amazon started reducing its eighth commission to affiliates, and this time in the 2nd round it is even clearer!

Affiliates can be called a lot of undervalued, neglected, hostage to Amazon! Where they pay their staff low wages, these small size commissions and affiliates seem to be at the helm! Warren Buffett talks about “Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket”

The income of those who depended on Amazon Affiliate will now be reduced by 80%

Many marketers who thought all Invest Amazon affiliates with a longterm plan would be back!

The income of many working in the backend will be reduced, the content writers will be more affected! Speaking of which is a huge push in the affiliate industry! Already established them and hands on the head!

However, those who have been able to develop a product chain, learned to drive traffic, have been able to build a unique brand in small ways, there are, will be!

Driving traffic is an art! Art is, for this reason, your customer will always look at your technique as blind, no matter what you like, what your product or service is offering to him!

But yes, he knows you won’t give him anything bad, whatever you want to do, he is bound to do it!

On Amazon Affiliate, many forget about the list buildup of their customers, and don’t forget why Amazon Affiliate is out of that email list!

Here you were not getting the chance to retain your customer, or move something like yourself. You can’t bring money from them without Amazon’s plan becoming such a complete “slave”!

As a freelance businessman, I have never been able to offer this place!

I’m always looking for an Identity of my own Identity where my product will work in the field with a brand new solution!

From my product development to start-up pricing strategy so you have control over your own hands!

Yes, you can work with other products, but you must not be influenced by its rules! In the case of affiliates, the product maybe someone else’s source, but the total sales strategy is in your hands!

Working this way is better, safer and in one word free! Now is the time for our indigenous marketers to think differently….

The thought section will be such that; Develop your system so you can control your product or service, your traffic and your price tag in your own hands!

Affiliate marketing is not just someone else’s ready-made product, it is a combination of both product and product to try to develop a unique product yourself, it will be the key to sustaining your long strategy!

This is how you look at international marketers when you look at them!

They come up with no new product, they learn to present the current product in the market and that’s what they feed the customer through their “Proven” traffic formula!

The product is not just Amazon A-Cell, thousands of sites, pages or new brand name of Amazon is the demand for that product!

Whoever is directing or indirectly feeding the customer his product!

Amazon Affiliate is an Emotion to our Native Marketers!

We have to get out of this “Emotional Trap”! Have to start a new.

Here I end my article on “Amazon Affiliate Marketer Commission Rates Decreased” Good Luck.

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