Case Study Of Bobby24 News Magazine Website

Case Study Of Bobby24 News Magazine Website

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Bobby24 is a digital news magazine website that was established in 2021. When we build the website it has no traffic. Here you will know the Case Study Of the Bobby24 News Magazine Website and how they have grown its traffic.

The website is dedicated to providing informative, relevant, and entertaining news to its readers across the globe. Bobby24 focuses on current events, politics, entertainment, lifestyle, and health and business-related topics. The website has been successful in building a loyal readership and a positive reputation in the industry.


The goal of Bobby24 is to become a leader in the news and entertainment industry. The website aims to deliver concise, quality news and entertainment stories to its readers and to drive traffic to the website on a regular basis. Bobby24 also strives to build brand recognition and loyalty among its readers. We have to build a mobile responsive website & also need to increase traffic through SEO.


1. Bobby24 uses a combination of SEO and content marketing to maximize its visibility in search engines and to generate organic traffic. The website utilizes keywords and phrases strategically included in content to improve its ranking in search engine results.

2. Bobby24 also uses social media to promote its content and increase its reach. The website’s content is shared on various social media platforms and channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

3. Bobby24 also leverages its email newsletter to keep readers informed of new content. Readers are encouraged to subscribe to the newsletter and are sent regular updates about new content, special offers, and other news.

4. Bobby24 regularly hosts special contests and giveaways to keep readers engaged and to attract new readers.

5. Bobby24 also attempts to build relationships with influential bloggers and social media personalities in order to increase its reach and visibility.


Bobby24 has seen positive results since implementing its strategy. The website has seen steady increases in traffic, with over 12 thousand (12,000/month) visitors per month. The website has also seen strong engagement from readers, with the average reader spending over 5 minutes on the website. Bobby24 has also seen increases in its email newsletter subscriber base and social media followers, as well as an improved ranking in search engine results.

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