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Amazon Affiliate Program: Investment on Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate Program: How profitable is the investment on Amazon Affiliate

Investing in an affiliate site takes you some good amount of money. But the question is how profitable it is. Before that, you have to understand some terms.

ROI (Return on Investment): This means how much you have been able to profit from your investment. This is usually calculated in percent. If you invest 5 bucks and make 2.5 bucks, that means your ROI is 50%.

CPC (Cost Per Click): This means that if you run an ad with Google ad, then how much it costs per click. When doing keyword research you will see that the keyword’s CPC is given. Suppose one keyword’s CPC is $2.5, which means if a person runs an ad for that keyword, it will cost $2.5 per click or visitor.

If you understand these two things will happen.

Google Ads vs. SEO
Now if you want to bring visitors to your site with Google ad. Then you have to spend a lot of money to get a US visitor. Because America’s CPC is so high. I got only 23 visits from a $5 campaign. No cell found. Finish the last campaign, too. Again if I want a visitor then I have to spend again.

On the other hand, if you can rank keywords by doing SEO, you will get free visits from Google. Not only that but also its durability. In the case of SEO, your cost is once but the profit is repeated.

The keyword for which I spent $5, I got 25 visitors from that keyword comes from Google every day 3-5 visits. Cost is $100 for content, two costs $50. The total is $150. So far, I have received a visit from Google, but the cell is coming regularly. Now tell me what your ROI will be.

Currently, the highest ROI in digital marketing comes from content marketing or SEO. That’s why so many big companies are now putting the most emphasis on content marketing and SEO.

That means if you can properly invest for the site, then your investment will not be in vain.

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