My freelancing journey

My Freelancing Journey

I opened my first account on Fiverr at the end of 2017. Knowing that I can earn money online by using my skill.

My luck was so good that I got my first order for $ 5 the day after I opened the gig. That’s how it started.

I started with graphic design but I did not work for long. After a few days, I realize that my skill development is important.

I started looking at the different blog post, video tutorial. Finally, I like to develop SEO and WordPress customization skills.

At that time, I stopped working on Fiverr and started to learn SEO. For 3 months I used to sitting in front of a laptop in the morning, it would have been night and I would not have been conscious about time, used to watch one video after another, spend hours upon hours reading various blog posts.  Doing all this I joined an online course just to know that I am on the right path but I can already do what is taught there. But yes, while doing that online course I met some nice people and learned new things.

My achievement in this small time is not so easy. Success never comes overnight. I didn’t have a mentor or teacher in my freelancing career. I used to watch YouTube, and udemy courses and taught myself from google. This post is for those who are working hard to be a successful freelancer.

At the end of 2018, I started to find my success … In this short period, I received:

1) Many permanent clients In Fiverr and outside of Fiverr

2) Bear my own expenses

3) Doing Affiliate marketing

4) Set up a well Skilled Team with 5 members

5) SEO related own Facebook group with 25 thousand members and 85% member from another country and sells backlinks their every day.

3) Dropshipping business will probably start within a few days

Good luck to all those who are regularly trying to do something good.

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