How to add wordpress Captcha Plugin

How To Add WordPress Captcha Plugin

There is always a threat to our website from hackers and spammers. Spam login, spam comments, bots can pose a major threat to your WordPress site. WordPress captcha plugin is the quickest and easiest security solution that protects your WordPress website from spammers.

In this article, I will discuss how to add a WordPress captcha plugin and much more in WordPress captcha, which can secure your WordPress site.

What is the captcha plugin?

The full form of captcha is a completely automated public taring test to tell computers and humans. This is a software or plugin to differentiate humans from spambots. It does that by presenting a test that would be quite easy to pass human only, the computer program would find it impossible to solve. Typically as a way of reducing spam and automated extraction of data from the WordPress website. Spammer and hackers have made software programs to automatically spam the web or trying automatically send messages from your admin login panel using thousands of random passwords. At that time plugins is the best security solution that protects your WordPress website.

Top 5 WordPress Captcha Plugins

WordPress provides a great collection of captcha plugins. These captcha plugins will help to reduce a good amount of spam logins, comments from your WordPress site. Now I am introducing some captcha plugins that are built specifically for WordPress.

You can use the following plugins:

  • Google Captcha(re CAPTCHA)
  • Free Math Captcha WordPress Plugin
  • Really Simple Captcha Plugin
  • Anti-Spam Pro
  • Visual Captcha

When it comes to WordPress security adding a free captcha plugin is one of the easiest ways to make it hard for to bots infiltrate your site. I want to introduce to you the first reCAPTCHA plugin. This plugin provides a super security captcha and is also easy to use. Thereby, you can ensure the safety of your websites for both you and the user.

Now I will show how to add the captcha plugin and get it working.

Blocking bots and spam is an essential part of your site not only for your site but also for the clients.

In this article, I have tried to discuss how to add a WordPress captcha plugin to your site also introduce some best free plugins. If you want, you can use any of them that can be useful for you to prevent your site from spam attacks.

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