Best WordPress Themes For Architects

Best WordPress Themes For Architects

The cornerstone of any online marketing plan for architects is often web design. Most clients will establish their initial impression of your firm based on the website you use to showcase your expertise and services. As a result, you must ensure that it passes muster and does not appear unprofessional or poorly designed. And finding a website that fits your style and matches your brand is also crucial. In order to save you from that headache, here are 10 of the best WordPress themes for architects that can help build the website you desire:


Architecture is a premium WordPress theme created with architects and visual designers in mind. It offers a clean and modern aesthetic, as well as a robust admin interface. The drag-and-drop page builder helps streamline the process of adding material to your website.

There are six different footer styles to select from, as well as over 450 fonts. In addition, there are a total of five custom posts(gallery, portfolio, testimonial, pricing, and personnel). Architecture also includes Localization support & optimized for SEO. To quickly set up the demo site, you can use the video tutorial to help you. It is one of the best WordPress themes for architects. It is one of the best WordPress themes for architects.


Ratio is a clean-looking theme designed particularly for individuals in the architectural, interior design, and construction industries. It is one of the best WordPress themes for architects.

There are plenty of custom shortcodes, 15 homepages, and a large number of store and blog list layouts to suit all of your company’s needs. Simultaneously, you may personalize your portfolio by choosing from 25 portfolio choices, select your perfect shop layouts, and import all of your pages with a single click. This theme is also Woocommerce-compatible, translation-ready, and Retina-ready.

Although Ratio comes with some downsides. The various page layouts appear to be somewhat bland. Scrolling can feel a little rough, the header and slider elements are big and overused. Also, there’s a slight discrepancy between the portfolio and galleries pages with this theme. Nonetheless, if you can get past a few pretty boring design elements, it’s a good choice for presenting your portfolio.


With a theme designed for interior designers and architects, prove that architecture is a visual art. The Maison theme was created to provide a touch of elegance to your website without worrying about the cost. Maison provides everything you need for a stunning online presence, including a big selection of portfolio themes, attractive interior design and house décor layouts, and a variety of blog types. This trendy theme has a lot of options and is WooCommerce compatible, so you can sell your stuff online. Maison can let you create an enticing architecture and interior design website in no time, with attractive homepages and fully customizable inner sections.

It comes with 12 adjustable home page layouts, a variety of portfolio layouts, and pre-designed blog templates. You may create attractive layouts and catalogs with the built-in drag-and-drop page builder.


MIES is a WordPress theme specifically designed for architectural and construction firms. MIES has a design aesthetic that wouldn’t be out of place in a portfolio of major architecture firms. On the homepage, it has an attractive layout with a fullscreen bespoke backdrop picture slider. It makes use of parallax scrolling, large graphics, and strategically placed dynamic CSS effects. A welcome greeting, featured projects, animation page transitions, image galleries, and more features are included in the theme. It includes eye-catching image filters that enhance the aesthetic attractiveness of your building work.

For some, though, its main selling factor may be its undoing. Your website may not look as good as the MIES sample if you don’t have a large enough collection of high-quality images to work with. If you have a portfolio, though, this might be the theme for you.


Few WordPress themes are as popular as Divi. It’s the ideal multipurpose WordPress theme, that includes various pre-designed templates for architecture firms, real estate agents, and construction firms.

Divi features a robust built-in page builder that allows you to instantly preview any changes you make. It comes with a variety of modules for adding functionality to your pages, as well as the ability to import a variety of pre-built layouts. It also comes with a limitless color palette, Google Fonts, animations, elements, modules, and editing tools to help you customize your website. Divi also uses responsive design to ensure that your site looks great on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices of all sizes.


Ambient is a modern interior design and décor theme which is just what you need if you’re determined to bring other people’s houses to look and feel better. Ambient is a great choice if you want to create a website that effectively showcases the magic you can perform.

This theme has a large range of layouts for décor and interior design. It also includes 12 pre-made homepage templates, allowing you to quickly adapt your website to your preferences. Furthermore, the theme is Retina-ready and comes with a wide range of typographic settings. As a result, you can be confident that your page will appear fluid, approachable, and appealing to your visitors.


Inteco is a cutting-edge motif for building and interior design. It includes everything you’ll ever need to develop a website quickly and easily. This theme comes with 19 different header designs, 14 different blog layouts, and 9 different portfolio themes. It includes a GDPR tool that allows your customers to consent to cookies being used on your site.

Inteco’s numerous home page headers provide large image placeholders, allowing you to showcase your best work right away. On the surface, each layout appears to be similar, yet the tiny changes make them useful for a variety of architect websites. The built-in drag-and-drop page builder assists you in creating a layout that meets your particular needs.


Aarhus is a modern architecture theme that will help you build an amazing website. With this theme, you can showcase your body of work and take it to the next level.

With a professional range of portfolio styles for exhibiting your architecture or interior design creations, 12 modern homepages, and 9 fully customizable inner pages, Aarhus is what any architecture and interior design website needs. You’ll also get a portfolio layout with AJAX-powered single project navigation, as well as two paid plugins for free with this theme! Aarhus is compatible with the WooCommerce and WPML plugins, allowing you to sell your products while also translating your content into any language.


Alto is a polished architecture and interior design theme. You can create a website that is genuinely worthy of your characteristics and your work. This theme is also perfect for 3D modelers, designers, and other sorts of professions.
The Aalto theme features tons of project showcases, a variety of portfolio lists, sliders, and a single project layout. It also includes 12 magnificent architecture templates as well as numerous interior design styles, allowing you to present all aspects of your projects.
Another array of features, such as shop and blog layouts, are suitable for architecture websites. Aalto also includes Image Map Pro for WordPress, which is a terrific tool for any designer or architect. You can use it to create image maps, pins, and polygon shapes, which you can then show on your website.

Luxe Architecture

Luxe is a creative WordPress theme for architecture firms, professional architects, landscape designers, interior designers, construction firms, and corporate firms. Luxe includes a lot of features that aren’t found in other themes.

Luxe Architecture’s designers claim that their theme loads really quickly, which is obviously a good thing. Because fast loading times are so important for the user experience, it’s critical that your website’s performance doesn’t turn off any potential customers. This is especially true if your website will have a lot of photographs.

Luxe Architecture’s before-and-after slider tool is one of its most intriguing features. You can use this tool to overlay two images of a project you’ve worked on. After that, the user can move the slider to show the before and after photographs and observe how your work affected them.


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