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6 Tips to Optimize Location Page

Once upon a time, people used to ask for locations of different businesses in new places. But now they just click in Google to see what is near them. Not only that they also find which one is best for them just by observing their location pages.

If your business is likely to be found in a locality, you must want your business to be visible to customers. That is what your location page does.

Google and other search engine observe a different kind of signals to check your significance and compare it with competitors near you. To get chosen by both the search engines for their rankings and by customers for asking your service you definitely need an optimized and well-organised location page.

Keeping that in mind, I designed a simple and clear guideline for you. Here you will find the way of creating an optimized location page. Hence, a little more towards growth.

What is a location page? Do you need it?

A location page is used to target long-tail, location-specific terms. Google takes it as doorway pages. These are generally suitable for multi-location brick and mortars and service-area businesses.

A location page is not a kind of page you should create to get indexed by search engine users. Businesses will look into building location-specific pages for local SEO matters. These pages also can help when you are preparing to run campaigns or exciting offers for a specific location.

Location page optimization
If you want to do business with multiple locations, you need to build a location page for every outlet. While doing so, your content needs to be on specific language and keywords of that specific region. This will help to indicate that your brand cares about people, and that thinking will make people happy.


Create Detailed content

Creating unique and relevant content for customers is a great practice to optimize your location pages. You need to write in-depth contents to populate your location page. And make sure that customers can navigate them effortlessly.

Average Word count for top ranking local pages

You have to create unique and relevant content for your customers.

Update your NAP data on location Page:

Potential customers will find you through the NAP data. Make sure you keep them updated.

NAP stands for

  • N- Name of your Business
  • A- Address of A Business location
  • P- phone number

NAP for local seo

Be more supportive towards your customers by enclosing a Google map of your businesses location’s geo-positioning. It will also improve your search engine rankings. Among the top-ranking local pages, 17% have included their Google map geo-positioning on their landing page. (Found from the recent study).


Include your Hours of Operation

Let your customers know about your business hours. Going to find your business, if a customer finds that It’s closed, it will create a bad impression. Better include the time in your location pages, and help them to reach you in time.

Do not forget to update the time schedule. If there is any change.


Tell What you Sell

Let the consumers know about your service or product. You do not need specifying these on all location of your business. Just embedded your location page with your product or service category (including original picture or videos will add more value). This will give the customers a clear picture of your business.

Attach images and videos:

You will experience wonder after adding photos and videos in your location page. Nowadays, people are more into watching pictures rather reading the descriptions. So, adding pictures creates a great visual impression. And also helps to improve search engine rankings. Add some photos of your product and some videos of your work. Inspire the customers to buy your product or service.

Guide your Consumers

For a better experience, your visitors should not feel difficulty to reach you. Encourage your customers to call you or getting directions to your business location or requesting a quote. These are known as calls-to-action. Include them in your landing page. And guide your customers.


Conclusion :

Your location page is the vehicle that carries the customers for you. If you run a business with multiple locations then this vehicle is a basic need for you. In this era of information and technology keep yourself and your business updated. Optimize your location page with the above simple and effortless tips.

After reading the content you know quite a lot about optimizing your location page. Do not leave any stone unturned to grow your business.

Happy Optimization!!!

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